Church Banners

The Methodist Church has long had a history of making beautiful banners which, while decorating the church, act as an aid to worship and a point of focus.  The banners are changed to reflect the season and church calendar and have been designed and lovingly made by members of the congregation over many years.

Depicts an arch with black wrought iron gates with the date 2000 incorporated in them, opening to a path leading into a new millennium with the rising sun.
Stitched in 1999 by Marion and Sheila, the arch is a feature of the church from the windows to the chancel arch. The corded gates overlay the background of hills and a winding path to a gold satin rising sun and sunbeams.

This banner was made in the mid 1990’s by Marion, Sheila and Sister Rosemary.
Although it was made as the Easter banner, it is also used as a Wedding banner.
There is a mixture of hand sewing on the cross, corded ring and gold metallic ribbon terminating in gold beads, whilst the main banner is machine sewn.

This banner is about 15 years old. On the midnight blue backcloth is a simple stable silhouette with Mary and Joseph and a haloed manger. Joseph’s lantern is a rectangular multi-faceted gem which reflects light. In the night sky is a bejewelled star shining silvery rays onto the roof of the stable which is done with silver twisted bugle beads. Scattered across the sky are hologram sequins.

This banner was made over 20 years ago and sadly the ladies who were involved in the design and sewing are no longer with us. It depicts the bounteous harvest of bread, wheat, fruit, vegetables and flowers that we are all familiar with. Surrounding it are the first two lines of the chorus of that favourite harvest hymn “We plough the fields and scatter”.

This banner was made for the joint village Pentecost Service with St Giles’ Church, which was held either in the First Steps School Playground or School Hall, probably in the late 1990s.

The main banner is machined with a heavy backing for strength against spring winds. The tongues of flames were hand sewn, as was the dove, then sewn onto the central oval and made by Marion and Sheila.

This simple but poignant banner is over 20 years old and sadly the ladies who stitched it are no longer with us.

The lustrous silver background enhances the two toned simple red poppy, the bottom petal being slightly padded. The black centre is topped by thread stamens ending in beads. A green cord stem finishes off the design with leaves.