South Transept – The Children’s Window

In memory of Samuel Thomas and Samuel Rennie Fawcett.

The theme is “The streets of the city shall be full of children, playing in the streets thereof.”

Against a highly stylised city background we see a group of children at play, whilst parents look on with fond indulgence, and an old patriarch muses sadly at his house door. A discarded school satchel lies on the ground; a ball is thrown in the air; one child carries a tambourine and another lets fall a bunch of roses – the scene is one of gaiety and happiness.

South Nave Easter Window

The Easter window, in memory of Mary Burnley, shows the open tomb with the discarded Crown of Thorns lying beside it and the Angel proclaiming the glad Easter message to the three grief-stricken women who have come to anoint the body of Jesus. In the background three crosses stand out starkly on the hill against the rising sun.


South Wall Window

In memory of Samuel T Fawcett. The window depicts Jesus sitting on the wall of a well outside the city welcoming the children.


North Wall Window

This modern window installed in 1990 is by SepWaugh, stained glass artist of York. The theme is “He leadeth me to still waters” Christ is depicted in the left light, and two sheep – ‘parent and child’ – in the right light. The different seasons are pictured in the background as are holly, cherry, vine, ivy and pomegranate – symbolic emblems with biblical significance.


North Nave Wall Window

This is the memorial window of Ethel Wood Burnley. It shows two figures – one representing Hope entitled “Joyful through Hope” – the other Faith – “Steadfast in Faith” – a reminder of our inheritance.

North Transept Window

The North Transept window is a memorial to William and Charlotte Ann Fawcett.It is an unusual and interesting interpretation of the Nativity, full of interesting detail. Mary and Joseph, and the whole group have their eyes fixed on the baby in the manger – the Son of God.

West Window – The Prophet’s Window

The West Window, dedicated to the memory of John Burnley, is the largest and is known as the Prophets’ Window; a wonderful characterisation of the four great Old Testament Prophets. The first panel depicts the young Isaiah, visionary and poet; the second panel is of Jeremiah the prophet of Judah; the third panel pictures Ezekiel, prophet of the exile. The last panel is of Daniel with the scroll of law. The window has some fine and varied tracery which lends greatly to its effectiveness and beauty.

East Window

The chancel window features scenes from the Sermon on the Mount and Christ blessing the children. It was presented by the members of the Fawcett family in memory of Mr Hy Fawcett of Old Bramhope.

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