Our  Mission Statement

Together as a Church family we are aspiring to love God, the Community and each other through worship, prayer, learning, service and outreach.



Through regular commitment to worship we seek to maintain the worship of the church in a way that is welcoming to all and proclaims God’s love to everyone as shown through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. To:

  • Give praise to God in Christ through the Spirit
  • Open ourselves to God’s transforming love
  • Receive and reflect on the gospel of God’s ways in the world
  • Offer ourselves to share in God’s action in the world


Pastoral care is the responsibility of the whole church, caring for individuals and communities. We seek to develop caring relationships and share each others needs and burdens. We aim to provide opportunities for individuals to develop their spiritual gifts and service. To grow spiritually through prayer meetings, Bible study and fellowship.


We seek to maintain outreach and service to our community. To support and encourage other work in the wider community. To raise awareness of the needs of society at home and abroad. To work for the provision of young people in the community alongside St Giles Church.


To undertake outreach in the local community by identifying and responding to opportunities and showing commitment to our village and its needs. To continue to develop relationships with all other churches in our area.. To develop confidence in evangelism and in the capacity to speak of God and faith in ways that make sense to all involved.


To offer our buildings as a resource for the local community thereby witnessing to God’s presence and activity in daily life.


To support the work of the Church financially through our contributions, each to determine their own level of support. We pledge ourselves at each annual church meeting to review this statement, our commitment to it and our programme of action based upon it. In all things we are called to be “moving forward together”.